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IIE’s Six Sigma Black Belt Course Recommended by ACE Credit Service for College Credit

IIE’s Six Sigma Black Belt, has been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) which has recommended that the course is equivalent to three (3) graduate semester hour credits in statistics for quality assurance and three (3) graduate semester hours in statistical process control or design of experiments. Participants must contact their college or university to see if the course will be accepted towards a degree. For additional information check the American Council on Education Web site at www.acenet.edu. Founded in 1918, the American Council on Education (ACE) is the nation's unifying voice for higher education. ACE serves as a consensus leader on key higher education issues and seeks to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives.

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eCourse Dates :
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eCourse Details:
30 hours; each session is approximately 3 hours. Expect 60+ hours of study and project-focused, instructor-guided work.

You will have access to a demo session using Voice Over IP equipment (with sound speakers and microphone, or headset with microphone) to ensure their individual equipment works properly, to ensure computer controls are set to participate online and to determine the dates and times of subsequent sessions. You will be given purchase and specifications information for the type of VoIP equipment that works best for your computer. It is not necessary to purchase VoIP service. This is provided with the course.

The course will be taught in three different time zones to accommodate the global reach of this important topic. This flexibility enables you to work the program into your crowded schedule.  Because you will be expected to immediately begin applying the principles of Six Sigma to a company project, you may choose to have your entire team join during part of your regularly scheduled team meetings.

You will be expected to immediately begin applying the principles of Six Sigma to company projects.

eCourse Outline:

I. Enterprise-Wide Deployment
A. Enterprise-wide view
B. Leadership

II. Organizational Process Management and Measures
A. Impact on Stakeholders
B. Critical to x (CTx) requirements
C. Benchmarking
D. Business performance measures
E. Financial measures

III. Team Management
A. Team formation
B. Team facilitation
C. Team dynamics
D. Time management for teams
E. Team decision-making tools
F. Management and planning tools
G. Team performance evaluation

IV. Six Sigma Improvement Methodology and Tools - Define
A. Voice of the customer
B. Project charter
C. Project tracking

V. Six Sigma Improvement Methodology and Tools - Measure
A. Process characteristics
B. Data collection
C. Measurement systems
D. Basic statistics
E. Probability
F. Process capability

VI. Six Sigma Improvement Methodology and Tools - Analyze
A. Measuring and modeling relationships
B. Hypothesis testing
C. Failure mode and effects analysis
D. Additional analysis methods

VII. Six Sigma Improvement Methodology and Tools - Improve
A. Design of experiments (DOE)
B. Waste elimination
C. Cycle-time reduction
D. Kaizen and kaizen blitz
E. Theory of constraints (TOC)
F. Implementation
G. Risk analysis and mitigation

VIII. Six Sigma Improvement Methodology and Tools - Control
A. Statistical process control
B. Other control tools
C. Maintain controls
D. Sustain improvements

IX. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
A. Common DFSS methodologies
B. Design for X (DFX)
C. Robust design and process
D. Special design tools

Past participant comments on the program and the web-based methodology:

  • “Excellent interactivity of web-based programming. . .”
  • “Flexible schedule including nights and weekends. . .”
  • “ Well-organized program. . .”
  • “Easy access to program via the web . . .”

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