SSEL Live Online Reliability Engineer Certification – CRE Certified
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Certified Reliability Engineer
This eCourse Covers the Body of Knowledge:

  • Certification Training Overview
  • Reliability Management
  • Basic Statistical Concepts
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Reliability In Design and Development
  • Reliability Modeling and Predictions
  • Reliability Testing
  • Maintainability and Availability
  • Data Collection and Use
  • Failure Analysis and Correction

CREs are experienced Reliability Engineers and Managers who will implement and lead the reliability function. CREs require strong statistical, leadership and interpersonal skills. CREs are the tactical leaders of the reliability improvement team. The training program will teach the Reliability Engineers the ASQ/BOK model of reliability improvement methodology, with advanced tools and techniques required for success.

An ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer presents all Reliability eCourses in a live interactive online environment. Each of the ten eClasses is approximately 3 hours. Total eCourse duration: 30 hours online, and 80+ hours of self-study.

Price Includes: training, 2 Text Books and Interactive CD study materials, and shipping costs. The ASQ onsite certification examination is not included in the list price. The ASQ CRE Certification is awarded to individuals who pass the ASQ CRE Examination.

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